Vortex Type heat Pump chiller
Vortex Type heat Pump chiller
Vortex Type heat Pump chiller

Air-cooled Heat pump unitThe water source heat pump utilizes the solar energy resource stored in the Earth water body as the heat source, and uses the low-temperature water of the Earth water body as the cold resource to carry on the energy conversion heating and air conditioning system. The water that can be used, including groundwater or rivers, parts of the Earth's surface, rivers and lakes, and oceans. The surface soil and water body is not only a huge solar collector, collecting 47% of the solar radiation energy, more than 500 times times the annual energy consumption (underground water is through the soil to receive the solar energy indirectly), but also a huge dynamic energy balance system, The soil and water bodies of the surface naturally maintain a relative balance of energy acceptance and divergence. This makes it possible to use almost unlimited solar energy or land stored in it. So, the water source heat pump uses a kind of clean renewable energy technology.

Save water and land

To the surface water as a hot and cold source, to release heat or absorb heat, do not consume water resources, will not cause pollution; Save the boiler room and ancillary coal yard, oil storage room, cooling tower and other facilities, the room area is much smaller than the conventional air-conditioning system, save the building space, but also conducive to the

Significant environmental benefits

The water source heat pump Unit heat supply eliminates the coal-fired, the gas, the oil and so on boiler room system, does not have the combustion process, avoids the smoke, the blowdown and so on pollution, saves the cooling water tower in the cold, avoids the cooling tower the noise, the mold pollution and the water consumption. Therefore, the water source heat pump unit runs without any pollution, no combustion, no smoke, no waste residue, waste water, exhaust gas and soot, will not produce urban heat island effect, very friendly to the environment, is the ideal green environmental protection products.

Wide range of applications

Water source heat pump system can be heating, air-conditioning, but also for domestic hot water, one machine more use, a system can replace the original boiler plus air-conditioning of the two sets of devices or systems. Especially for the buildings with heating and cooling requirements at the same time, the water source heat pump has obvious advantages. It not only saves a lot of energy, but also uses a set of equipment to meet the requirements of heating and cooling, reducing the initial investment of equipment. Its total investment is only 60% of the traditional air-conditioning system, and easy to install, installation work less than traditional air-conditioning system, installation period is short, change installation is also easy.

Water source heat pump can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools and other buildings, small water source heat pump is more suitable for villas, residential district heating, cooling.

Easy Maintenance

The temperature of the water body is relatively stable all year round, its fluctuation range is far less than the air change, the water temperature is more constant characteristic, makes the heat pump unit running more reliable, stable, also guaranteed the system high efficiency and the economy, uses the whole computer control, the automatic degree is high. Because the system is simple, the unit parts are few, the operation is stable, so the maintenance cost is low, the service life is long.