Explosion-proof Screw chiller
Explosion-proof Screw chiller
Explosion-proof Screw chiller

Explosion-proof Chiller is a special chiller, mainly used in special places such as inflammable and explosive, and the power of production varies from 10hp-200hp. Can be customized according to customer requirements. Chiller components are manufactured according to the national explosion-proof standard. Anti-corrosive main control controller according to gb3836.1-2000 "explosive gas environmental electrical equipment General Requirements", gb3836.2-2000 "explosive gas environment electric equipment explosion-proof" D "and GB3836. 3-2000 "E" of electrical equipment for explosive gas environment is designed and manufactured. To meet the special requirements of customers.
Explosion-proof chiller is a special explosion-proof measure adopted on the basis of standard chiller to prevent the ignition of ambient explosive gas environment by electrical equipment. Explosion-proof Chiller unit is a whole explosion-proof system, its design in addition to consider all electrical components explosion-proof performance, but also consider the overall explosion-proof performance of the unit to meet the standard requirements. The explosion-proof chiller provides a comfortable and safe production environment for the people who explode in dangerous places, but the safety guarantee, besides the performance of the products, depends on the reasonable selection, proper use and maintenance.
The principle of selection of explosion-proof chiller and refrigeration equipment system:
The refrigeration equipment system of explosion-proof chiller can be selected according to the specific requirements of safety performance, using environment and project cost.
First, the basic principles of choice in terms of security performance:
1, should choose the explosion-proof performance of sound and reliable products. such as anti-static, temperature limit, limit pressure and other protection technology must be improved. In particular, explosion-proof structures must conform to relevant standards to ensure safe use.
2, at the same price should be preferred.
3, C-class air-conditioning products, can improve the reliability of explosion-proof.
4, priority should be given to the use of "gas-tight type" and "positive pressure" composite explosion-proof structure refrigeration system air-conditioning system. This kind of air-conditioning system can be used in area 1, explosion-proof reliability is good.
Ii. selected principles from the use of the environment:
1, Zone 1 and Zone 2 should adopt a "gas-tight type" and "positive pressure" composite explosion-proof structure or the use of airtight shell and "positive pressure" explosion-proof structural refrigeration system air-conditioning system. The air conditioner with "airtight type" explosion-proof structure refrigeration system can only be used in area 2.
2, there is no hazardous space ventilation, due to the possibility of producing local 0 areas, in order to ensure the safety of the use of compound 0 zone explosion-proof indoor machine. It is advisable to adopt a new air conditioning system with the above requirements.
3, F1, F2 dust Hazardous environment and the hazardous environment of dust, the general should adopt the fan does not contact the dust of the new air conditioning system. At the same time, the exhaust pipe must take measures to prevent dust in the air duct memory product, the air supply and exhaust system of each space unit should be independent of each other to ensure safety.
Third, explosion-proof type industrial chiller characteristics:
1. Explosion-proof chiller compressor, is the choice of Taiwan brand professional explosion-proof compressor, screw compressor series not only explosion-proof, but also can do four-section capacity adjustment to energy-saving effect.
2. Select the United States Microcomputer Control Panel, you can clearly see the operation of the unit, can also be based on refrigeration needs to adjust temperature control, more clearly in accordance with the control surface of the fault prompted to troubleshoot the unit.
3. Korea's LG explosion-proof electronic control system, as well as omron explosion-proof electrical accessories, can let the chiller from other interference to safety and stability work.
4. Factory-produced shell-and-tube evaporator, condenser, not only the heat transfer area sufficient, the use of external thread copper tube to make the two sealing good, heat transfer capacity, can better continuous heat transfer cycle, stable explosion-proof chillers to refrigeration efficiency.
5. Explosion-proof chiller, like ordinary chiller, has various protective measures, such as lack of phase inversion protection, compressor overload/delay protection, high voltage/low voltage protection, automatic water shortage prompt protection, low temperature/icing protection and so on.
According to customer requirements can provide Third-party certification of explosion-proof refrigeration machine inspection and testing reports and explosion-proof certificate.