Round insulation water tank
Round insulation water tank
Round insulation water tank

Insulation water tank refers to its internal use of some like a thermos insulation materials used to do the core layer, and then use the stainless steel tank as the inner surface, the outer layer of the use of ordinary stainless steel plate to do. These three kinds of materials together, is one of the most suitable and best combination, so preliminarily formed a stainless steel insulation tank. So the insulation water tank is composed of three layers, core, inner and outer layer.
Core layer of insulation media can be used 50mm or 80mm polyurethane foam, polystyrene, PEF, etc. to carry out insulation. The inner layer is a stainless steel layer, so it is better to use SUS304 food grade stainless steel plate and galvanized plate and so on. And finally, it's the outer layer. It is generally selected material is more common stainless steel punching die block or the use of tablets, you can choose SUS304 Stainless steel or SUS201 stainless steel to make! The thickness of the water tank board can be determined according to the size and height of the tank. Insulation material Of course can also choose asbestos or rock wool to carry out insulation is also possible.
Stainless steel insulation water tank by the high water tank, storage tank and low water tank composed of three parts. The high water tank is equipped with a mechanical-controlled water cooler, a flushing valve and a discharge valves, and a electrode float switch, the valve seat of the water heater and the flushing valve is connected with the three-link flushing water pipe set in the storage tank, the discharge valve is opened, the high water tank is connected with the storage water tank, and the lever type float switch is set in the low water tank, the float valve core is opened, the storage tank Low water tank also equipped with submersible pump, filter and sewage pipe, submersible pump outlet is located in the high water tank, submersible pump closed through the high water tank electrode float switch control. The use of medium tank can save a lot of potable clean water, social and economic benefits are significant. The water tank can be used with various types of toilet equipment. For large water consumption hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions can be installed to use.
1, heat preservation tank inside the box using stainless steel, outside the box can be selected stainless steel or galvanized, light weight, beautiful appearance, clean and sanitary.
2, polyurethane foam insulation layer overall, small heat loss, good insulation effect.
3, joints with high-frequency resistance seam welding, to ensure that it is not easy to rust leakage.