Screw type water source heat pump
Screw type water source heat pump
Screw type water source heat pump

The working principle of screw type water source heat pump unit is to transfer the heat from the building to the water in the summer. In the winter, the energy is extracted from the water source of the relative constant temperature, and the heat pump principle is used to lift the temperature of the air or water as the refrigerant to the building. Usually the water source heat pump consumes 1kW of energy, the user can get more than 4kW of heat or cold volume. Water source heat pump overcomes the shortage of air source heat pump outdoor heat exchanger in winter, and its operation reliability and thermal efficiency are high, which has been widely used in China in recent years. Advantages of water (ground) source heat pump Unit

1. High efficiency and energy saving

The screw-type water source heat pump unit is the highest energy efficiency ratio (COP) in the air conditioning system at present, and the theoretical calculation can reach 7, and the actual operation is 4~6.

The water temperature of the screw type water source heat pump unit can be 12~22℃ in winter, the water temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature, so the evaporation temperature of the heat pump cycle increases and the energy efficiency ratio increases. In summer, the water temperature is 18~35℃, the water temperature is lower than the ambient air temperature, so the condensing temperature of refrigeration is lower, so the cooling effect is better than air-cooled type and cooling tower type, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the unit. The water source heat pump consumes the 1kW.h electricity, the user can obtain 4.3~5.0kw.h heat or 5.4~6.2kw.h cold quantity. Compared with the air source heat pump, its operation efficiency should be higher than 20~60%, the operating cost is only the 40~60% of ordinary central air-conditioning.


2. The technology of renewable energy utilization

The screw type water source heat pump unit is the heating and air conditioning system which uses the solar energy resource stored in the Earth water body as the heat and cold source. The water that can be used, including groundwater or rivers, parts of the Earth's surface, rivers and lakes, and oceans. The surface soil and water body is not only a huge solar collector, collecting 47% of the solar radiation energy, more than 500 times times the annual energy consumption (underground water is through the soil to receive the solar energy indirectly), but also a huge dynamic energy balance system, The soil and water bodies of the surface naturally maintain a relative balance of energy acceptance and divergence. This makes it possible to use almost unlimited solar energy or land stored in it. So, the water source heat pump uses a kind of clean renewable energy technology.

Technical characteristics of screw water source heat pump Unit

1, screw-type unit using the international advanced 5:6 asymmetric twin-screw heat pump special compressor, through more than 20 years of practice has proved that the product has stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, low failure rate and many other advantages, widely used in China's mainland region environmental conditions;

2. The unit adopts Siemens control system. Using advanced PLC control technology, can accept the programming, and has the perfect communication function, can conveniently and the building intelligent control system docking. Electrical system: The unit adopts Siemens, Schneider and other international brands of electrical components, the use of waterproof control cabinet.

3, Man-machine interface: The unit uses the Siemens touch-type LCD screen, the Chinese and English Man-machine interface, the operation procedure is concise, one key starts, the automatic operation.

4, Unit enclosure: The unit adopts the integral design, compact structure, concise, the enclosure structure after the automatic spraying equipment electrostatic phosphating spraying plastic, anti-corrosion strong, with waterproof control cabinet, to ensure that the unit can be placed in the long-term outdoor is not easy to fade, corrosion;

5, unit with a sound protection system, the compressor has a thermal protection module, Power protection module, the complete machine with water flow protection, antifreeze protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overload protection, lack of phase protection, reverse phase protection, power supply voltage protection, all unit failures are displayed in English in the operating screen, Effectively avoid bad working conditions on the unit damage, effective protection unit operation Safety, prolong the service life of the unit.

6, unit refrigerant circulatory system on the day-to-day maintenance of the site with a number of corner valves, to minimize the maintenance of the unit when the refrigerant loss, effectively reduce the user unit maintenance costs.