Ice water machine, ice water unit
Ice water machine, ice water unit
Ice water machine, ice water unit

Ice water machine is another name for chillers, ice water machine is simply a kind of output low-temperature frozen water machine, output cold water temperature between 3-35 degrees Celsius can be adjusted. There are many different kinds of ice water machines according to different methods. Imported compressors, high-performance shell-tube condenser and evaporator combination, with super refrigeration, quiet energy-saving role;
Microcomputer full function control, easy to operate (optional);
With a new design of stainless steel open water tank, cleaning, repair and quick;
Equipped with a precision electronic temperature controller, can accurately control the water temperature at 0°c to 10°c;
Accurate control of water temperature in 0±0.5°c;
With current overload protection, high and low suppression and electronic time delay, such as complete safety protection devices, abnormal indication system;
Screen at the same time LCD display cold water outlet, cold water inlet and set temperature (optional);
There is single machine, double, four units, energy efficiency;
After the industrial modelling design, the appearance is beautiful, optimizes the human machine.!--StartFragment-->

1. According to the type of condenser: water-cooled ice-water machine and air-cooled ice-water machine two kinds.
· water-cooled type: Cooler external cooling water, the condenser refrigerant heat away.
· Air-Cooled type: The chiller is equipped with a cooling fan to take the heat away from the refrigerant in the condenser.
2. According to the type of evaporator: water immersion type and shell tank type two.
· Submerged type: Evaporator soaked in the water tank to achieve refrigeration, water pump from the water tank to achieve
Cycle。 (Feature: First refrigeration, after pumping)
· Shell tank type: Evaporator made of a long barrel type of pot, water pump from the water tank pumping evaporation
Device to achieve refrigeration. (Feature: First pump, after refrigeration)
3. According to the type of evaporator, there are some special-purpose chillers: By the cooling of the thing
The quality is corrosive or the cooling material cleanliness requirement is higher, its evaporator uses
Stainless steel material or plastic + titanium control (electroplating industry), Marine water Cooler
(Brass Tube + plastic), food, cosmetics industry requires a better cleanliness of the water cooler.
4. According to the package form of open (no outside box) and box-type two.