box type air cooled chiller
box type air cooled chiller
box type air cooled chiller

Box type Water Cooler Air-cooled ChillerAir-cooled Industrial chiller

Product Features

√ Europe and the United States/Japan imports of fully enclosed turbo compressors or semi-closed piston compressors;

√ World-renowned import brand electrical components and control components;

√ According to the system to set up a number of refrigeration circuits, each circuit can be run alone;

√ Accurate control of the industrial production process required by the temperature (temperature difference accurate to ±1℃);

√ Stainless steel insulation tank, built-in automatic water recharge and water level protection devices;

√ Liquid crystal display microcomputer controller, Chinese interface, simple and convenient operation, complete control functions;

√ Evaporator are imported high efficiency U-type seamless heat exchanger tube, condenser using V-shaped plate-type heat exchangers

√ High quality heat exchanger fan, direct cooling without the need for a separate cooling tower can be used;

√ can choose R22 refrigerant or environmental protection type R407C, R134a refrigerant.

1. Refrigeration condition: Chilled water temperature 12 ℃/7 ℃, ambient temperature 30 ℃/35 ℃;

2. Dirt coefficient 0.086m2℃/kw, cooling water side pressure 1.0MPa;

3. Unit working range: Chilled water inlet temperature 15-5 ℃;

4. Power mode: 3p-380v-50hz, allow voltage fluctuation ±10%, frequency fluctuation ± 2%;

5. The actual head of the host is the pump lift minus the main internal water loss (1MH2O=9.8KPA);

6. In addition to the above model specifications, we can also be customized according to requirements for customers non-standard models.